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Estate Planning Basics

You don't need an attorney to prepare your estate planning documents.  Hiring a Licensed Legal Document assistant can save you money because we complete and fill out the forms for you, notarize your documents and provide you with peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be carried out.

What is an Estate Plan?

An estate plan  is a set of documents that protect your estate if something happens to you.  Documents included in an estate plan are a Will or Living Trust, Advance Healthcare Directive, Power of Attorney for Financial Affairs and if applicable,  a Nomination of Guardian for Minor Children.


  • Will -  A document that describes how to distribute a person’s property after their death.  In a Will, an Executor is appointed to manage the affairs of the estate.  
  • Living Trust -  A document that is created by an individual (Trustor) and names a Trustee and Successor Trustee to handle the administration of the estate.  A Living Trust can be revocable, which means changes can be made at any time during the life of the Trustor.  A Living Trust also avoids the probate process. (See our Probate tab for more information).
  • Advance Healthcare Directive - A document created to give another person the power to make medical and health care decisions on your behalf, should you become incapacitated.  It also directs for ongoing medical care and treatment. 
  • Power of Attorney for Financial Affairs - A document appointing a person (an attorney-in-fact) to handle your finances should you become unable to do so.   The attorney-in-fact will be allowed to handle run a person’s of your financial affairs, including but not limited to money management and bill paying.